Creating Belief

“>453 by dginn

453, a photo by dginn on Flickr.

Its a funny things to consider how we can create belief and true understanding about how to engage, combine, perform and thrive as people and athletes. This image shown while I was presenting last week was almost at the end of a very long and challenging training day. Each day we challenged ourselves to go deeper and to find new or better ways of performing. Creating belief is about what you do daily and with out reservation for everything counts towards those peak moments, those events and collective rise to events we dare to dream about. Daily practice and training build that belief in self and the team. In this shot we are smiling but not before realisations were achieved through the challenge of the training. The rewards came from being up for the challenge and willingness to take risks, be exposed and vulnerable. Belief came from learning and we rewarded the learning of all involved.

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