New learning comes from your reflections both individually and collectively.

For some weeks now I have been working away to pull together a fabric of learn which I sense has made a huge difference in my career, and now I am keen to help others both in sport and business to do the same. Only the same in terms of principles, or underlying processes. Its always going to be different on the surface with people having such a vast range of experiences and what comes though the reflective process to enable learning and ultimately greater performances, relationships and satisfaction.

Here’s a video which shares some of the aspects of development and I remember years ago working with Bluearth Institute and the reluctance of those involved to journal. Teresa Amabile provides what I think is a compelling reason to use these methods. Many years ago when I was starting out I found journaling assisted greatly through tough times but also enabled me to start to see patterns in my own behaviour and performance. These insights and learning has continued as I have kept writing and capturing notes almost daily and I have come to realise the value goes well beyond the obvious.

Track Your Small Wins to Motivate Big Accomplishments: Teresa Amabile

With this in mind and the framework I have been part of shaping with the many influences I am excited to be pulling or attempting to pull it all together to assist others.

Once a framework is agreed upon and the tools are set its then really about the actions we do daily and how we measure what we do and how we engage. Now this is not about set and leave rather it required constant adaptation, improve or even streamlining.

What are the daily, weekly, monthly measures?

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