24hr Update _ Seriousness & Curiosity

Well the time is drawing close.

Fundraising going well but still need further support to reach target.


$4,340 to make $20,000 for Tour de Cure

The last few weeks are starting to catch up with me big time. Yesterday morning before our Bakpocket group ride I really just want to stay in bed and keep sleeping. Was better once out on the bike and even better once the pace got cracking.

2015-11-01 08.22.05
Out in South Gippsland

The last three weeks I have averaged about 24hrs a week of riding and much of it at a fairly high speed and plenty of intensity. Thrown in was an overnighter last Fri which was 7pm until 7am and the last 2hrs was building with our Bakpocket group including the rowers providing the motivation to go deep and nail the last 40min. This is all great stuff and sure to help when the time comes.

Here the strava file:


At this stage I can’t think of much more I could have done in the last 3 months. I have managed myself through a sinus infection and bit of a head cold, but really I am lucky to say I have stayed pretty healthy. The great thing is the flexibility that comes with training solo a lot as the days were I have felt run down I have either taken ease of taken off. The other side of this is when I have felt great I have gone longer and done more and this balance seems to have worked well.


Strava file from Brunswick Velodrome and this is when I become bloody nervous of just what this attempt will take. Yes I have been anxious about it all at different stages but after doing 3hrs around Brunswick, and the effects of what I would call a lumpy track set in it was the most sobering of realities. Due to the ripples, cracks and slight ups and downs I found its makes for an unsettling ride. Never long in one spot on the saddle or time trial bars was disconcerting as each shuffle and adjustment after 2hrs takes energy and just makes getting comfortable hard. The physical and mental demands of the attempt will be huge anyway but I suspect that my plan will have to enable me to find a way to manage the load in shoulders and neck as these take a hammering with all the oscillations and forces.

Where am I up to now. A light day but before that here we were this morning with Bakpocket for some efforts.

#ride ##Melbourne #bakpocket #sockdoping #lookingpro #wymtm

A photo posted by Glen O'Rourke (@699glen) on Nov 17, 2015 at 12:54pm PST


I have just over a week of final preparations and so many things have been going through my mind about how to approach next week and the event its self. I have had meeting about support needed and discussions about food and fluid. Lots seems to be going on around the attempt and much of it I am less aware of. Final things are making sure all the paper work is complete for the attempt and the support team is ready to go. The bike I am still fine-tuning and final decisions about best pacing.

About pacing at this stage I am thinking to ensure I getting the first 4 – 6hrs done very conservatively and get my first main food intake done. To do this at a pace under my target will be a challenge but everything I have heard, received as advice and read about for 24hrs events is that it really doesn’t start until after 12hrs. So I figure if I stick to 35-36km/h for these early hours and really seeing how things are lining up around the pace target of 37.5km/h verses capability and condition then I believe the agility to adapt will be possible. Going with the flow when the time is right will be key and also not fighting things when they just aren’t working but rather keeping enough pressure on but giving things time to pass. The velodrome seems to be 315-320m which we are getting confirmed but that means 28-32sec laps. This means some 2880 laps will need to be done. Based on this I am thinking I will be chucking things down into 10k or 30min blocks to help with focusing which again could change based on mentally what works. Every 100km will be a milestone so I know I will be looking forward to this points.

There you have it will just over a week to go its fair to say I am in the think of it while still managing to do work and spend time with family. Its a squeeze but with the 20-25hrs on the bike its just fitting but is unsustainable.

Thanks again to all who have supported my fundraising and for anyone considering it is greatly appreciated. Support during the event from 27th Nov @ 2pm until 28th is welcome and could make a huge difference.


Brunswick Velodrome

Roberts Reserve Brunswick Enter via Donald St. Melbourne



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