24hr Update _ Inspiration & Reality

Margaret Berger
My Brother, Tyrone / Babe, Drew / My mum, Margaret

This challenge is in memory of my mum but equally its about family, & friends. I chose to support a great charity, Tour de Cure because I lost my mum to cancer when I was young. I am not unique though so many kids have similar stories. Loss is hard and yet life does go on. My mum died and my family railed around in support, and in particular my Dad became an even more significant influence of inspiration on my life.

My mum inspired me and like my dad they gave me my start in life and they shaped me and although my mum was only in my life for 12 years her memory lives on. As for life beyond that day I know my Dad stepped up and took it upon himself to provide all the opportunities a kid could ask for.

Again I decided on this challenge as it would have me some far out on the limb I am unsure what it will take to complete. I decided on supporting, Tour de Cure because cancer directly effected me as a kid. Its also been something that I have seen impact so many friends and families and this felt important to do for them also.

Since March I have built up to this moment and you could say my 40 years of life has come to a certain moment in which I felt bold enough to step up and do something like this for my family, friends and a cause.

Over the last months my kms on the bike have been solid and still with some much time I have found so much joy out on the road. Its been lonely at times and at other times I have had awesome company. For a few months now I have managed to average about 600km per week with the highest now occurring closer to the event with 800 to 900km weeks and this last two weeks will see me complete just under and just over 1000km. I have been heading out on a time trails bike weekly now for some time as the only way to hold these speeds, 38kmh are on a bike set up for speed.

Balancing this with comfort is key as once beyond 6hrs things just ache is the set up is to aggressive. Its a fine line and likewise nutrition and hydration become major factors once riding for 8hrs plus. Little things magnify and can become hug issues as the hours accumulate.

The challenge will take all I have learned from 20 years of sport. I have a number of strategies and will play any number of mind games to keep focus and attention for driving things along for as pain, fatigue and serious discomfort mounts the best antidote is to not dwell on it rather stay clear and directed towards the task, challenge, and my purpose for doing it.

My inspiration is family and friends and the reality of it is front of mind, and while I could’ve easily ignore this itch I have well and truely put it out there and as a result know it will bring the best out in me and I am sure it will and has brought the best out of those around me. The support so far both from fundraising to offers of helping out at the event, to people making contact via phone, email and online. Its great to see people getting excited about this and in times when some many brutal realities are happening in the World I like to believe that when people chose to take on challenge to inspire that we see the best in each other.

Here’s to the greatness of people and inspiration we draw for improving life.


For helping with my fundraising please support




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