Riding Waves

Family break with waves is a very cool thing. There is something about
being in the ocean, it is like a release, a freedom. Since surgery I
have been able to surf a few times, but yesterday was the first time
since Christmas. Being out in the water right on dawn and catching
waves was amazing. I was surfing with great uncoordination?? And
loving it. Then all of a sudden dolfins began splashing around just
down from me. I felt like a little kids when one burst through a wave
as it built in front of me. It jumped out of the wave as it began
cresting and I laughed out loud and was beaming with a huge smile.
Some many things in life are hard to deal with. Many struggles and
crisis mark our journies, but these moments make everything fade into
the background.

One thought on “Riding Waves

  1. The internet is an amazing thing from the perspective that I, as a much more junior rower,can have access to the amazing inspirations of someone who has achieved my goals. Thank you very much for your blog

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