Seems it may be less genetic, less desire and more about when we are born…

Take a look at this article that was forwarded on to me today.

Pro sport greatness linked to birthday – report

For some time now some parents have thought that if you don’t start little tiger playing golf at 4 then he ain’t going to make it. Now it is being indicated that late or early season birthdays culd be the answer.

All fun and games til someone takes it to seriously. Also you’ll see I am now officially a veteran. Seems I have made it, YES.

3 thoughts on “Seems it may be less genetic, less desire and more about when we are born…

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  2. hi drew,great article. There was also an article written on that topic in Sports Illustrated a couple of months ago. The writer had done a significant amount of research into it.If you would like to read it, i’ve got it at home somewhere, i’m sure i could find it. Let me know. thanks jen

  3. That explains my failure to break through to the top ranks – nothing to do with absence of determination, skill, physical prowess, or determination.And of course Drew you are a second half of the year baby too…

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