Very happy boys

Well it's 48 hours later and we have been enjoying the moment. Duncan
and I in a cab going back to the village. Have to say it was tough but
as they say anything worth doing is not easy. Who ever they are again
they are truly wise. In next few days I will share many of the
emotions we have been through, but for now we are two very happy men.
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful support and encourgement. It has
meant a great deal to me.

52 thoughts on “Very happy boys

  1. Congratulations and best wishes to you from now on. [I have to tell that I have started reading your weblog recently and it was a pleasure to meet your thoughts here. Especially your grateful ones. They were really moving. Being a sportswoman myself I can share your feelings (even if only a small part of it, since your result is of much bigger respect and remark :)). Love of our beloved ones can inspire us, while will-power and our heart and soul can make us perform outstandingly (even in the greatest stress) in our greatest tests – in which we usually have our greatest fight with ourselves.Well done, Drew. You’re a great fighter. šŸ™‚

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