How ever you get the job done

This may be our best chance to get us around. Duncan in the drivers
seat and me sitting behing along for the ride. As they say, if it
ain't broke don't fix it. Not sure who they are, but they are wise by
the sounds of it.

21 thoughts on “How ever you get the job done

  1. Hey Drew, I haven't been able to catch your race from Weds but saw Saturday's and how you make what you do seem so effortless is beyond me, more so with the conditions you are under. Sending you & Mel loads of love and good wishes for tomorrow, we will all be cheering for you over here!! Beck

  2. CONGRADULATIONS!!! What else can I say. A Perfect Record at the OLYMPICS!!! And you did it on a bike. You and Duncan Free are sooo good. To you and Duncan, the two other crew that also did so fantastically, as well as the rest of the crews who made it to the finals CONGRADULATIONS!!! The Australian Rowing team did the country proud.

  3. I just wanted to send you a huge congratulations for your fantastic gold medal win. I can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like.My husband Rodney and I were lucky enough to have met you at a triathlon in Ulverston in Tasmania in early 2005. We met up again at Forster Ironman in April 2005.We saw your final with Duncan live and had our hearts in our mouths watching you row. You’re a fantastic athlete and an awesome person, I couldn’t imagine a better person winning that gold medal. We wish you the very best with your future – don’t forget you can always come back to triathlon!Cheers, Lori

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