This will be brief as I am to sore to type…

Well I could probably write a bit but to be fair I just got up and I don’t know I will make much sense. This morning is off and since returning from Luzern I have been getting back into things slowly. This is the beginning again if that makes sense. So anyway I start back with jump squats at the and of last week and well, I am like a bull at a gate. Pretty much each day I have been doing some and my legs feel completely smashed. The funny thing is we have save a number of activities for this period and I had forgotten what it felt like to be so sore. Onwards and upwards I say and with every new day I am sure things will feel better.

One thought on “Smashed

  1. The master says that you must be purified through pain, and he is appreciative of the efforts that you are making.He requests more. He requests that you work yourself into a shambling, shuddering mess on the ground of the Temple of Steel.

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