Out Classed

Class of 08 is beginning to take shape. With our return home I have had plenty of time to reflect on our performance in Luzern. We make no excuses for our lack of speed and inability to build towards the the finish line in the final of the pairs. The Canadian crew certainly set the scene early and really kept the foot on the gas all the way. It’s disappointing when you don’t perform well but there is a part of me that loves seeing people race at full capacity. It’s not hard to appreciate a great performance even if I was watching from some where back in the field. Well not completely back in the field but far enough off Canada that we really were in a different race. Unusual as it was being out of the picture that it reminded me of 2002 Worlds. It is the wonderful thing about our sport that when a crew or athlete that takes the bull by the horn’s and rides it all the way to the end. It is said fortune favors the brave and I like to think that on most occasions when you get on the front foot and remain committed then more often than not you achieve the best outcome. Obviously now after returning home and plenty of thinking time I am a little philosophical about the weekends racing. It doesn’t mean I am not extremely disappointed with our effort. What we have as a benefit from the experience is an opportunity to evaluate things and with some 10 weeks until the games we have the chance to improve our performance and continue our build up to the peak. What this has created within our group is great discussion that we now need to turn into action. The competition is hot and we have always respect those we race and so this now brings us to the time when everything counts and each step needs consideration and purpose. On the weekend we were out classed which I can acknowledge. Watching various events shows the continuing need everybody has to improve. This is a brief post due to the fact that not much needs to be said about the weekend from our perspective. Simply we need to go fasted and the next 10 weeks is all about how well we can ready ourselves for the race of our lives. The perfect race where all competitors have there best performance and we all walk away knowing we’ve done our best and that’s what we are measured by. No bullshit, no speculation and no excuses.

7 thoughts on “Out Classed

  1. You truly are a professional Drew, your honesty is admirable. Thanks for being so honest and making such a strong post. I look forward to seeing you line up at Beijing with all your cards set on the table, it will be incredible to watch. Best of luck with all your training for the next 10 weeks.Peter

  2. if you’re on the podium with a lacklustre performance and only just pipped by the new zealanders surely you are in a good position for beijing.no doubt the fact the canadians are peaking in 3 weeks and not 10 has to be taken into consideration as well!

  3. You won’t happen to be at Mercs on their Open day in a few weeks will you? Well done on you outstadning performance. It is pleasing to see that you are not complacent with being the 3rd best in the world.

  4. No one remembers who wins these races Droopy. It’s all about one race and it is on that day that you will determine where you are ranked. It is nice to win everything but in reality that is not always possible. I can remember it was not so long ago that a coxless four timed their performance peak to perfection and it was not at this regatta. I can see by your words that this has put a rocket up you so may the force be with you big fella. Do what you do best mate – kick some ass…Sean.

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