Leaving for Luzern

The Henley regatta obviously has not been quiet the event we had hope. Sitting around not being able to race is just not much fun, so we are off to Luzern today to settle in and get our new Sykes pair set up.

Racing really starts to heat up now in the pair and scull events. We won’t get to watch but I never really have enjoyed watching when I have been preparing to race. Duncan has improved each day and we feel that by Sunday we should be back in the boat starting our build up for Luzern.

The last two days has been interesting catching up with various athletes who are racing here. It is inspiring to be involved at this level of competition and being able to spend time with not only great athletes but great people is what makes this type of experience special.

Switzerland is a very different place and having not been at the Luzern regatta since 2002 it will be strange heading back down the famous stretch of water.

3 thoughts on “Leaving for Luzern

  1. All the best for Luzern. It was a bit of bad luck with Duncans in Henley. But the big pitcure is WAY more important than one regatta (that you would have won) in England. I beleive Duncan has a rather impresive record at Luzern since 1994. I beleive he picked up a medal in,’94,’95,’96,’97,’99,’00,’04. Am I correct? If so, he must love the course. What are yours and Duncans thoughts on the Rotsee compared to courses around the world and in Australia? Cheers from a BIG FAN

  2. Hi Drew, please pass all our thoughts onto Duncan. We hope his back is much better now. We would love to see you guys do well at the Luzern World Cup. From all the girls at UCLA. You guys rock!!!

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