Henley No Row

Well we had to pull out of Henley. Disappointing obviously but we have to be smart about our health. This morning after a light training row Duncan and I jumped on the rowing machines in the boat tent and after some 5min he pulled up. A twinge in his back was a surprise but he felt like he could hardly row a stroke. So some 3hrs of physiotherapy, stretching and walking and we felt that the best action would be to be sart about managing the issue. We feel we are designed to race so it will be strange hanging around watching the various events unfold. That’s life though and I know all to well about learning from our past lessons and when discussing the options I certainly spoke up to say it isn’t worth risking the season for the racing here. It is Henley, but we need to keep it all in perspective and so now we set ourselves on getting Duncan back on track and maintaining our focus.

4 thoughts on “Henley No Row

  1. Sorry to hear that. I’ve been following your blog for a while so made sure that I was by the river for your race. Wondered why London had a row-over.

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