Back On Deck

It has been some time since my last entry the reason for this is that I have been run off my feet. Much travel, many workshops and little training have been the various elements pushing and pulling me in all different directions. It’s just the way it is some times and as I now sit on a plane some 30000 feet above the ground I have taken a few deep breaths of relief that the mad schedule I have worked to keep up with over the last 2 weeks is now winding down.

With out going into to many of the details I will say this, I knew coming into this phase that I was have to keep my energy levels up and that it would be important to stay on top of everything. The satisfaction I feel is quite remarkable at the moment, the funny thing is that I feel like it has been another type of rowing race. Even the comments I have added here about keeping my energy levels up and staying on top are call or reminders that I often use during training and racing. The quote about life imitating art, and art imitating life comes to mind, with a slight change. Maybe it would go something like, sport imitating life and life imitating sport. It’s a blur and the lines between work and sport for me have certainly blinded into one version of the way I see the world.

Over the weekend I raced in the Victorian State Championships and after the week I had, it was great to compete at a reasonable level. The crew that we put together for the four came first and the third place in the single scull was not a surprise, but after the heat row I thought I would be luck to come 6th. We race our club eight with a couple of guys from other states and gave the MUBC crew a bit of a run. That felt frustrating, not because the crew I was in didn’t perform, but because due to various commitments I felt that I had let them down, as we really didn’t get any time to train together. I could even find a way to explain it to them, but certainly felt they rowed I good race and maybe if we had of been able to get some time on the water in the weeks leading up we would have made it a closer challenge.

After the regatta I caught a flight back up to Queensland to train with Duncan. I was up on the Gold Coast for much of last week, but was involved in workshop and we didn’t get any time on the water. Today is my 6th flight in six days and I am looking forward to seeing my family and really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. To be honest I am physically and mentally run down and will spend the remainder of this week recharging and preparing for our National Championships next week.

A lesson I have learned over the last three weeks is that even though I am extremely busy and have many different things on the go, I have to respect those I am rowing with more to ensure I think further ahead and plan better. It’s not my intention to let the people I train with and compete with down, and I won’t make excuses for not staying on top of things that matter. The priorities this week are family, and teammates and once I get back to some normality I know that health will improve and that the excitement I need for competing and training will rise.

2 thoughts on “Back On Deck

  1. Like you said, things that matter: #1 family. It’s not as though you traveled to the states for a wild weekend in Vegas; rather you were attending to items relevant to the sport and (I’m guessing) family income. No one can maintain 110 percent focus on one aspect of life 100 percent of the time (indeed, some would argue the u.s. men tried that approach in the mid-1990s, with disastrous results in atlanta ’96).Enjoy the return to normalcy, and thanks for continuing to update…

  2. You should ask my daughter who has been selected as stroke for the sub juniors team, she would die for her team. But then i have to keep reminding her that she has to maintain her health… if she wants to row and not let her team down… good blog

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