Working to keep up…..

This is a post to share an amazing thing that I have enjoyed during the last two season. In Melbourne here we have a great environment with numerous boat sheds right next to the city on the Yarra River. What’s amazing is that for most of the athletes we can combine training and work. Many of the guys that are in the squad here are very conscious of gettig the balance right, but more improtantly not throwing away careers that are developing. So there are two things I want to mention here, first many of the rowers that I know in Melbourne are focused on keeping the balance and some normality to life. We are all working to keep our careers up and running and this is critical for being productive. The other aspect involve here is that currently we have a remarkable group of athletes. I reflect on this because tonight I trained with the guys group in our state eight. We are preparing for the inerstate Kings Cup event in a couple of weeks. The core of this group has been working together for two years now and it’s excitting to be involved with them. They have a professionalism that will be greeted with much success in the future as they all have great capacity. It’s is not that I have spent a great deal of time training with them, but I am aware of the drive they have and it’s inspiring. What was noticable tonight was the impact the state teams have on all the rowers on the river bank. The Yarra is a fantastic location and this current group of guys and girls in the senior ranks are setting some high standards for many of the young rowers to look up to and admire. Being one of the older elite rowers offers me a luxury of having seen a few of the recent developments and changes in our sport. It’s cyclic and right now this wave performers are challenging the system and setting a trend that is critical not only for their success, but also for all those young athlete who hope to follow in their foot steps on and off the water. So I know I am working to keep up and loving the challenge.

4 thoughts on “Working to keep up…..

  1. This is an out-of-date question, but I only recently discovered your blog. On the 6k personal best, you not only improved, but by a massive amount. You noted the positive influence having a set goal had on the achievement, but I was hoping you could elaborate a bit on what elements of training you felt contributed to the gains (without giving away any ‘secrets’ of course). As you know, novice rowers (and ergers), often make massive progress on each successive measurement (2k, 6k, etc.) at first, but eventually reach a point where the gains are far more incremental or even nonexistent (i.e. plateau). Having trained at an elite level for some time, you surely had a solid base of conditioning, so what ‘tweaks’ do you think contributed to the new p.r. Did you mix in more of a certain category of work (not sure of the nomenclature down under, but i’m referring to anaerobic, aerobic threshold, utilization, etc.); specific psychological prep. well in advance and/or along w/ the daily physical work; strength training in the weight room, etc.Your insights would be valuable to all coaches, as well as more experienced rowers.

  2. Hey Drew,this is just a quick comment on something i read in a previous blog about one of your coaches. Gansy is currently coaching me, and is an awesome coach. Perhaps one day one of my peers will race at the same level you are now, hey?cya,john

  3. No weight training,plenty of bike riding and some specific sessions to enable the best opportunity of achieving the goal. Nothing new really all I can say is that I think most of the gains have had to do with my mind set and motivation. The specific ergo session that I think help were a number of session where I would do the 6km distance on a rate of 22-24. The other element that contributed was a number of session where I would do some interval training. 2min on, 30sec off around the target split. I found this was long enough to get a feel for the intensity with out going over board. The number of set was something I explored. Any where from 10 to 20 set’s depending of fatigue, concentration and motivation. While doing the session I was imagine what it would be like if I was in the middle of the 6km test. Hope that helps

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