Reflection on World Rowing Award _ Thomas Keller

Australia’s Drew Ginn is the 2014 recipient of the Thomas Keller Medal for an outstanding career in rowing, the highest distinction in the sport of rowing.

Recently I was reminded of how special this award is and how ones love of rowing can be tested while being an athlete and even life after competing. During the presentation I had the chance to meet and then be presented by Dominic Keller and valued his insights and recognition to carry on his fathers legacy with the award.

In 2015, Iztok Cop was award this honour and I have to admit he was one of my hero’s as an athlete during my career. The reason for this was for how I identified with his anatomical statue. About 195cm tall, 85-89kg, a tenacity and obvious competitiveness which I looked up to. So achieving this award one year prior to Cop was remarkable to me but I always knew he would be recognised and one year later he was. Interestingly the year before another hero’s in the sport was Eskild Ebbeson who was another athlete I like to compare my self to even though he was a lightweight rower.

My reflection then was about these amazing athletes and others who have been nominated along with the teams of people support them. This obviously is something I am more proud of and as I say when I was reminded of this award I found I become quiet emotion for how I came to being recognised and who had contributed to my career. As and athlete its hard to fully express what it all means to strive, struggle, work so hard, achieve and fail. It all come down to the people around me and those I looked towards for inspiration and guidance. They all know who they are but still I never feel I say thank you enough. This is just another thanks to those you made it all happen. Thank you.

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