Bit of a scare: Oar in the back

Blood close call here were the oar hit across my back.

When it comes to performing things does always go smoothly. Monday morning this week a crash in the pair on the Nepean River had me doing back flips into the water. Both crews were in the wrong. We were trying to get away from the weed in the river by going down the middle of the course and so to was another pair. I was lucky as we hit the oar of the other bowman slammed into my back and as you can see above it hit right across where my surgery was done. The two red sores only show a little bit of the superficial damage. The right glut muscle has a wicked corky. The bone bruising is intense but luckily nothing more serious to my lower back. Went to the physio yesterday to make sure of keeping everything else loose around the area. It all happened quickly cause as we hit each other my oar crashed back into my shines. The oar that hit my back then acted as a pivot on my back as my feet ripped out, our riggers smashed together and I went flipping backwards on to the deck and into the water. So a bit of a scare as it could have been much worse.

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