Learning to row and applying the learning to work

Great fun delivering a corporate rowing experience today on the Yarra River. Through Mt Eliza Executive Education I had the chance to work with another group from VicRoads.

We had three eights on the water and with the help of some coaches and coxs from my home rowing club, Mercantile we were able to have them out on the water for 90min.

The challenge is to take complete beginners and provide them with a great experience in just one row. After the session I take them through a debrief to help them understand what they have been through and how they can then utilize the learning back in the work place.

We had a great day today and it was heaps of fun giving the group the chance to be exposed to our sport.

Some simple and yet powerful messages came out of the day.

They included:

*The need for greater reflection to enable improvement

*Teamwork involves competition and cooperation

*Communication that foster honesty, openness and trust is essential

*Clarity about goals and the need for buy in

*Teams require leaders and leaders need a team

*The value of difference

*Capacity to find better solutions

*Listening, sharing and feedback are critical

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