Ergo Step Test

It’s hard to benchmark as our testing is now on sliders but in the lab I am getting numbers for VO2, lactate and HR which suggest I am right on track for the journey ahead.

Here’s a screen shot of the ergo splits achieved for each 4min step.

This has been our second test thus far in the season and I am happy to say gains have been made. From last year and obviously this year.

With age comes wisdom or so I here. With age comes a certain perspective on things. With age I would like to add so to can improvements be made.

2 thoughts on “Ergo Step Test

  1. 4min @ wattage or split… with each step having a 1min rest between to take lactate samples.After the 6th step we are ask to go flat out for the last step.Stroke rate is not capped or set but rather an outcome of the work being done.

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