It’s a kids life

It’s a funny thing to consider how great it is to have family here when we are training and preparing. It’s a kids life hanging out and swimming at a near by lake. Not just for the kids though. It has been perfect for an old athlete too.

Back in 2007 when we first had family come and stay here I recall that Duncan and I both viewed the experiences as one of our most enjoyable tours overseas.

Now in 2011 with Rowing Australia embarking on continuing the evolution of the family tour I am again loving the lifestyle and how it makes a big difference in preparing.

The training is often challenging, mentally and physically. At times when I have felt like I have nothing left to give my family have reminded me of why I am doing all this. Their support and involvement make it more worthwhile.

Being an athlete is a kids life or at least a charmed one. Being supported to do what we wish. What we love and to have the freedom to prepare for a moment is quiet something. It’s as if we never have to fully grow up. I watch my children play here and at the lake and I am reminded of the joy of play. The freedom to have fun. The limitless mindset and how time really seems to be a wasted perception.

Integrating this into our preparation feels like a great way to expand, deepen and enhance performance. It’s not child’s play but rather a kids life, if that makes sense.

One thought on “It’s a kids life

  1. Nice picture Drewy!! Beats the hell out of winter in Melbourne at this time of the year. Trust the big Duncs is making a speedy recovery. Reggie & Xine in Kenya

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