The Night Before

Well talk about a rollercoaster ride…

Tonight I sit here ready for tomorrow. A few things have transpired in
last 14 days. It's been a mix of some great sessions, some fatigue,
heat, low body weight, grumpiness, frustration, excitement,
anxiousness, weird muscle/nerve pains, treatments, questions,
discussions and finally a saddle that feels like it will work for me.

The support for many people has been amazing. The assistance in
preparing has been huge. The aniticipation I feel is very cool, but as
the pains I refer to have been an indication of one of two
things. Either related to my back in some way and something else in my
system. It has been a challenge over last four days with very little
activity as every time I ride the pains in my legs are unbearable.
It's not the first time but having it happen now is not ideal. The
motivation is clear I will work to find a way to ensure I can perform.

Time is now, the work has been done and it is rare to not have hiccups
so this is all part of the performance process.

For now I rest and tomorrow will arrive with a joy of competition. By
some time after 2pm I will be in the midst of pushing toward a
performance we have work hard to create.

Thanks to everyone for the support and I am looking forward to bring
the preparation into sharp focus.

Time to Dance

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