On the other side…

Well, Well, Well it is a strange feeling to go from best ever performance to being laid up and very much limited. From high to low and fast to slow. Ah it ain’t that bad, but certainly strange. Me know complain though as I have no regrets. We knew the consequences and I guess I was very aware of this side of the experience. It is a complete contrast to the event and although not ideal, coming home is always a bit strange even with out eing in this situation. The Games are unreal and when we come home we are greeted by all the support that is great but even more unreal. Then things begin to quieten down and that is the challenge as we have to adjust to being back in the real World. It is like that with any major event in life there are two sides to the experience. You have the climb up the mountain and the peak, then you have to come down again. It is the natural cycle and one that on this occasion I have had a big reality check. I would not say I am copping perfectly but I am going ok. The back is on the mend and although I can’t sit for another 4 weeks I am enjoying getting out to go for my daily walks. This is now the time for baby steps as I shuffle down the street, it is so far from racing and competing. In fact the qualities that enabled me to perform with Duncan and quiet different to those required now to recover for the surgery. I have to say it has been great getting many comments and email wishing me well and a speedy recovery. Speedy is not the best description of it but it is uplifting to get the support.

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