Club Racing: Mercantile

Over the weekend it was great to be able to get out with the Mercantile club eight and have a rcae on the Yarra River.Things have been changing here were particularly in an Olympic year we don’t get many chances to race for our clubs. So to not only race, but race on our home water on the Yarra was very cool fun. Having a win also makes it enjoyable as well. What was the most enjoyable element was that we had a number of younger members on in the crew and it reminded me what it was like when I first rowed for in the senior club eight way back in 1993. It was a buzz then and equally so on Saturday. After we hung out at the bar for a few drinks and told a few old stories a question was posed to me about rowing in a coxed four at the Nationals. I agreed and was aksed if James could be roped in and so a started texting him. He agreed and so it looks like three great club members of Mercantile will be teamed up with the two of us. Club rowing, I love it.

2 thoughts on “Club Racing: Mercantile

  1. I spoke to one of those “younger members” tonight about what it was like being in a boat with the legends. He said he didn’t have words to describe it; it was his best rowing experience. His mother said he came home floating on air. Seems like you went the only one to enjoy the experience.

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