A little while back I was asked about diet. What is interesting for me is that due to the little battle I have with keeping weight on when in full training I can pretty much eat anything. What I find most important is the need to get in enough fuel and to ensure I get protein on board. There is plenty of great information out about various foods and I certainly have looked into what I eat with specialists. I must admit the intake of food is the greatest challenge as when I am working and training it is easy to miss what I need. I do eat a lot of cereal because it is easy and have been trying to have a protein shake every day with bananas etc. I love eating and I am disciplined about measuring my body weight to make sure that I stay at the right level for me. My weight does fluctuate a fair bit from 85 kg to 90kg. Usually I find that when I come in to race phase I start to trim down quickly due to speed work and a few races I strip weight easily. Obviously over the years we have had skinfolds taken and I have a good sense for what my skinfolds needs to be to stay healthy. I do like to start a race week at around 88-89kg and by the time we get to the end of the week I am happy to be about 85-86kg. With high training volume it is critical to eat well and get enough fuel in to support the amount of training required. I guess it’s a cliché but a well balanced diet is the best way to go.

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