Feeling Great

Today is a great day. No particular reason why, it just feels like a great day. I received an email from a person with some wonderful advice. The email spoke of the need to pace myself and I appreciate the care they have shown and have taken it on board.

His reference to pacing myself came from the perspective of this journal. It made me consider how we prepare and train. In particular how some times I approach certain sessions. So this morning I jumped on the ergo to just row. Not worrying about the split or the time. Some thirty minutes had gone by when I stopped and it was amazing. From a measurement perspective nothing ground breaking, but from an emotional state I was excited about the sensation of rolling through the session.

What I also had on the go was the TV with a DVD of some rowing races. It is a compilation of races going back to 1992. Every now and then I glanced up from the ergo screen to catch a section of a race. What amazed me was the way certain crews attacked certain parts of a race. Many of the races involve Redgrave & Pinsent. It surprised me how varied the races were that they competed in. 1993 & 1994 they had to come from behind and with such capacity to keep the pressure on the opponents. In 1995 & 1996 they changed or at least it appeared they changed their tactics. For those races they would get out in front and hold off the fast finishes of the crew attacking them late. It was great to see the ability they had to sit back and build home or to sit out in front and hold off.

Absorbing the various styles and approaches gave me many ideas and as I rolled along my temperature rose, sweet began to show on my shirt and my breathing increased. Each glance at the screen sparked memories in my mind and as I allow it all to sink in I felt charged. The session was not overly long or particularly intense, but I felt great afterwards. So the advice I received in that email was beneficial not only for this process of keeping a blog, but for how I should training every now and then.

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