Overseas Tour

Little update on things as they stand with our overseas tour. We are planning out what the trip will look like and currently it look like we will need to find extra funding to make it all work. The reason for this is that we aim to have our families join us in Italy for three weeks. The plan at this stage is to head over to Henley and stay until the World in Munich. This includes Luzern and what we aim to do is have three weeks in Italy after Luzern with our families. Quiet exciting really and it is a matter of crunching the figures and then finding other avenues for funding. It has been a while, 2002 since we have raced in Luzern and so I am looking forward to that and well Henley has been 2000 since our last visit. Having never raced the pair there though will be different. Have heard many stories about how bouncy it can be in a small boat. Will need to prepare for that. What this means is a two month trip which will be an amazing build up to Munich, but it is a long time away from home. Back when I first began on the senior team we used to be away three months each year. So hopeful we can be smart about the use of our time and how focused we are about building up to peak performance come late August.

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