Red Eye Reflection

Well I am in another airport witting for a flight. Tonight I will board the 11.45pm flight back to Melbourne from Perth, Western Australia. Flight time is four hours and this particular flight is called the red eye. What a fond little name. Very apt and when I arrive at 5am in Melbourne my eyes will most likely be red.

No complaints here though, it is not easy but I have been involve in some work over the last two days that was extremely rewarding and inspiring. I was just sitting here typing out another post when I began reading back and was not sure it made to much sense. So then I thought I would write this to explain myself. I am somewhat tired and well I thought I would have some fun with the various thoughts and ideas that were running around my mind.

The topic I was writing about was ‘Get the glide right’. I will post it after this, but before I do a suggest getting comfortable as it is a bit soapbox like and maybe even preachy. Because I am tired I found it difficult to read back so I figure I will just put it out there. That’s the warning. Now before I do it is important to understand what has been going on.

A few days ago I was involved in a project that will be out soon. We have recorded a visualisation and imagery session. The work that has gone into it has been quiet involved and intense. For year I have listened to session live or recorded to assist with our performance. Well we have decided to produce our own. It will be available soon. The title is Rowing Mind Skills. Once out I will post a link for anyone interested.

The other thing that has been going on is our planning for how we will prepare for the World Championships and what our overseas tour will look like. Currently we hope to compete in Luzern, Switzerland then possibly stay over until the Worlds in Munich, Germany. The idea would be that our families would join us in Europe for three weeks after Luzern while we train. Hopefully we can make it work and get the opportunity to race on the Rotsee again.

Other news is our boat and well after the testing we have probably decided that now change will be made this year. Our Sykes pair is great and although some of the other boats were comparable we felt that with the time available this season it would be best to use what we know and to maximise it capacity with subtle modifications.

That about it really, I can’t wait to get home and see my family and to get stuck into the training this week. To use a few clichés, the ball is our court and we have got the ball rolling. So our next shot will be important as will keeping the momentum going. With winter time fast approaching keeping focused and energised will make the next four to five weeks easier as it gets cold in Melbourne.

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