Some times you’ve got to smash yourself: One session per stroke

This is quiet interesting, what I have noticed over the last few days is a slight sense of trying to get my head back in the game. Really needed to come down off the racing last weekend, but I found today I had planned to train and well it has not happened yet. It is as if I am putting off the start of the preparation for the build up to the Worlds. I heard a comment last nigh on a video by a company I do some performance coaching for that capture it well for where I am at right now. “The scare thing is how much your going to have to smash yourself.” It was my former partner James Tomkins referring to the anxiety leading up to a race. It made me reflect on not only racing , but also the start of a new phase of training. I prefer to make sure that after some intense racing that I allow my mind and body to relax and recharge for the next challenge. The difficult thing with this is getting the ball rolling again and creating the momentum that after a number of weeks becomes almost self generating. So today there is a part of me the is a little scared of how much I will have to smash myself in training and racing if we are to achieve the result we are aiming for, which by the way is to have the perfect race. The perfect race of pure rhythm, harmony, trust, passion and adaptability. It will be painful, stressful, effort full and at the same time energising, sensational, mind blowing, and rewarding. Am I scared of those moments when it will hurt like hell? Yes, but that is just part of the equation. So with out further or do, I am off to smash myself on the ergo for 60min. Should be interesting the things that go on in this first real session the marks the beginning of a journey that will be 4 months long. Actually just thought that if there’s 134 days until Worlds and if we trained twice every day, then each session is almost a stroke. Today is stroke one and I know how important it is to nail that first stroke.

3 thoughts on “Some times you’ve got to smash yourself: One session per stroke

  1. First, thanks for your reply to my questions regarding a more dynamic stroke a couple of posts back. Your explanation was extremely helpful, and I actually found myself borrowing some of the language when speaking to the collegiate crew I coach at practice last night (and, for the record, it seemed to help). This blog is a huge gift to the rowing community; I learn every time I read an entry (and often go back to re-read some of them). Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and insights.

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