2000m Ergo Challenge Predictor

This is an ergo (rowing machine) challenge. Last week my coach said to me that he felt this test was pretty reliable for predicting 2000m ergo score performance.

It involves three 2000m set’s of 500m steps. The way it works is you pick the 2000m score you would like to achieve. From that score work out the average 500m split. From the split you need to average for 2000m it is a matter of adding some time on to each split.

Follow the instructions below that involve the average split, plus a certain incremental difference above that split. The first 2000m step piece is stepping down, the middle is up and the final is down again. It was suggested that if you could repeat the task with consistent output then you would have a high chance of achieving your target score.

So then,

First: 500m @ +12sec / 500m @ +9sec / 500m @ +6sec / 500m on target split

Second: 500m @ target split / 500m @ +6 / 500m @ +9 / 500m @ +12

Third: 500m @ +12sec / 500m @ +9sec / 500m @ +6sec / 500m on target split

The stroke rate is not so important, but I have found that a range from 22 to 32 is a good ballpark. It’s worth some exploration and from my coaches experience he felt it was a great indicator for what is possible when attempting a max 2000m ergo test if you can repeat the three pieces with consistency.

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