First day of school…..

I have to make an entry about my daughter today, as it’s her first day of school. What a range of emotions, thoughts and feelings that I have experienced over the last few days. My wife and I went together with her to school this morning and I couldn’t help think that so much is going to change now. She is growing up fast and her development blows me away. I keep reminding myself to allow her to find her way and support her discoveries in a way that we can share the experiences together. I am always learning from her and when we walk into her classroom I sensed that now she will advance at a rate that I will find hard to keep up with. I never want to hold her back with any of my fears, assumption or any expectations. The joy of fatherhood is vast and this is a time of innocent exploration and the impact it has on me is remarkable. Her excitement about going to school and learning seems extraordinary and I hope that this beginning lays the foundation for her future. I love her dearly and I am excited and apprehensive about how her first day has been. This is what it must feel like to be a spectator and for the first real time I now sense what things might have been like for my mother and father. It is amazing how things come around full circle.

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