Camp Week

It’s been an interesting week. My partner at the 2006 Worlds Championships, Duncan Free came to Melbourne so we could train together. That’s not really the interesting part; the interesting part is that while we have been in Melbourne, the whole National team has been involved in a National training camp in Canberra. Including my pair’s partner in Athens, James Tomkins. An obvious difference between what we would have been doing and the athlete in Canberra would have been the intensity of the session. Our focus this last week was on spending some time in the boat and really going back to basics and developing our foundation. This meant that many of our session were mental challenging with attention how we were moving together and refining our dynamic balance. To ensure that we didn’t shy away from performing, we did two ergo tests on the rowing machine. It was good to do this together as I am sure we pushed each other. By the end of our five days together, I was satisfied that we had start better than last season, which we would expect, but it is still good to get out on the water and feel that within a few rows the sensation of speed and ease of movement had returned. What’s great out of this is that it has mark the beginning of the season more vividly for me and with the various report about the National camp I am keen to continue to push the limits or boundaries that I have felt over the last three months. Now is time to start to get into challenging my thinking and ideas about how to move a boat. And over the next two months I will experiment a great deal with this.

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