Creative Beginning

This is the first entry that I am making on this blog. What I intent to do over the next few weeks is put in some stories that I have written in the past that will become the back ground of this journey toward Beijing. The first thing I will say is this, ‘there are no certainties and as such I want refer to the 2008 Olympics very often. They are one of my goals, but competing there is only a small part of the puzzle and many of the elements that will create the possible outcome I am aiming for won’t be know for sum time. My plan is to use this blog as my journal and so today it begins. Just over a week ago I decided to write down a training plan for myself for the next six weeks. I sit the bar pretty high with some of the challenges I will work towards. The first one was to spend some time planning out my training and writing down various details about how I intent to move during each activity and what I found was that I started to become quiet creative with my ideas. Once I felt that great sensation of creativity I decided to go and start the first session, which was going to be on the rowing machine (ergo). With all the great excitement I had I set the screen to count down from 20km and off I went. It was the first time ever in my life that I had done this distance on the ergo with out taking a break. In fact my philosophy over the last 8 years has been to do much less and always break up the session. I have reason for this, but this time I wanted to see and feel what this creative process might do for me. The result was remarkable and I am happy to say after 1hr 12mins I was finished. With a big smile on my face I went back into the house and shared what I had done with my family. The journey has now begun.

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