Getting Ready _ 24hrs GO TIME

Well this week was meant to be relaxing but its has probably been a little more hectic than I would have liked.

Less than 4hrs to go until I set off on the Brunswick Velodrome. We have raised over $23,000 for Tour de Cure thus far which is the coolest thing.

These final few hours I feel the need to write as a way of just getting stuff out of my head.

I though this update could have a collection of visuals of the journey while preparing for this attempt.

My reflection here is that I have not experienced this kind of sport focus obviously since rowing in the lad up to London. In the last few days I can full describe just how much I have found myself riding the rollercoaster of emotions. At times I have real dread about what this attempt will take and then others I have almost like this serene feeling of calm and confidence.

I believe in the power of the human spirit and the capacity we all have to overcome, deal with and thrive during moments of great challenge. This attempt then is a test of that belief and I know its not going to be easy but I feel like some where deep within there is a place in which we can draw so much strength to deliver ourselves on the shores of possibility.

Why my hands sweat is due in a large part to the idea that I am attempting a extraordinary record. In the words of the current record holder, Marko Baloh.

“Hi Drew, sorry, have been very busy. Would have been nice if I’d known about your ride before, maybe coach you towards it… Records are there to be broken, so I wish you good luck with it. I can tell you that it is the hardest thing I did in ultra,even harder than RAAM, because there is just no hiding, no coasting, if you want to break the record. Well, shortly, the most important is to pace yourself, don’t forget the nutrition&hydration and keep pedaling! Meaning, just do not stop if it is not absolutely necessary. Good luck! I will be following you. Best regards, Marko”

This was great to receive but equally scary. Another great rider, Jesse Carlsson winner of the 2015 TransAM race gave me some great advice while doing the Rapah Wagga Wagga adventure ride and Bears & Gears Festival. In his words ‘The 24hr rides don’t really start until 2am’ and he was referring to 24hr mountain bike events.

Why my hands sweat, heart skips and my mind is a flurry with all the processing about what this thing is going to take, is a natural response to my anticipation and excitement.

Today I will ride and find what ever I find on the Brunswick velodrome. A huge thanks goes to all the supporters of my fundraising as we have achieved something special.

Another big thanks goes to my family, friends and supporters who have or will help me get through this 24hrs.

Rapha | Vtwo | Bakpocket | Scott | Giro | Mavic | Rotor | Hale Energy | Full Beam Australia | Big M | Lion Diary

The many people behind these brands in Australia have been awesome in helping along the way.

There you have it.. Shit, damn, bloody hell. What lay ahead will be a journey into the unknown and sublime. Until I return I say thanks for following and supporting what we have been part of and for my motivation to honour my family and my mum’s memory.




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